Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization There are millions of small to medium sized businesses on the Internet and the majority of them don’t even have the most basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques in place to get traffic to their website. Studies have shown that 85% of all website traffic originates from the search engines, with the majority coming from a select few. If your company has an online presence but your site isn’t optimized, then you’re losing money to your competition every single day. Up Front Consulting can help your business increase natural rankings in the major search engines for the long term. Many companies think of SEO as an intangible expense, but with so many potential customers on the Internet, SEO is a tool that companies can’t afford not to use. There are literally thousands of customers searching for your business, product, or service. All you’ve got to do is help them find your website using an SEO campaign that works. Search Engine Optimization is the single most important factor of a website because it makes the content of your web pages more relevant, more attractive, and more easily read by search engines and their crawling and indexing software.

Search Engine Optimization Back Link Building Strategics

If used correctly, backlinks can be the most important part of an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign.  Below is a detailed outline of how Upfront Consultants will achieve your website first page placement on all major search engines using our unique backlink strategy.  By combining a flawless blend of all the backlink building elements listed below we guarantee honest and realistic results.  We also provide full reporting of all our work to ensure you are satisfied with our service

Hi PR Backlinks

Strengths: Each link is actually gained on a Page Rank 5 and greater page. And due to the power of these pages, most backlinks are indexed within 1-2 weeks and impact on search engine rankings can be visual almost instantly. Some of our clients insist that this is the only package that has had strong impact on their rankings. Weakness: The downsides of this package are the longevity and the lack of relevancy. Most of the links are obtained via methods such as blog commenting. Some high profile brands prefer to not have links via blog commenting.

Blog Network

Strengths: The blog network is a powerful link building service if used correctly. Upfront uses public and private blog networks to dispense blog posts we create for you. It is seamless for targeting one or two keywords. You can expect hundreds of exclusive published blog posts pointing to your website just from one bundle. These blog posts will vary from general to highly-relevant blogs and fluctuate from PR0 to PR6+.  Also, since they are blog posts, they will be everlasting while you only pay us one time. We have had clients get first page and even number one for highly competitive terms just with one bundle (maintenance is suggested to maintain first page placement). Weakness: The only downsides to this package are that it can’t target numerous keywords and the reports are not comprehensive. Many of these blog networks prefer to keep their properties anonymous so we can’t list them. You can however Google the title of the Blog Post and find most of them. We recommend this package for all websites.

Link Wheel Creation


Upfront Consultants link wheel service allows you to dominate highly specific keywords and niches. It gives you 25 properties directly targeted towards your chosen keyword. These properties include web 2.0 networks such as blogger, WordPress, Weebly, etc. Exclusive to Upfront, we also give you an independent domain (i.e. which acts as another property. Each of these properties contains a unique 300+ word article SEO optimized for your target keyword. They each contain two links – one to another property and the other directly to your website. We also run social bookmarking throughout the channels to increase the authority of them. Weakness: The impact on search engine rankings takes a little longer since the greatest effect is seen when these properties gain age and authority from the additional backlinks we build. Since we have complete control over the content in these properties, it is still hands down the best option for dominating specific keywords.

Article Submission

Strengths: The article submissions package provides a great combination of guaranteed links, low price, and a perfect mix of relevancy and general backlinks. We guarantee that the majority your articles get published and provide a report with the published article URLs. Each of these articles will differ from each another. With each article containing two links back to your website, this means that you are guaranteed to get double the links. These links will be a natural mix of dofollow and nofollow. They will be semi-contextual – embedded into the Resource Box of the articles. These links also have great longevity. We have seen that roughly 3/4 of the articles stay up for over a year and the ones that stay up that long, usually stay up even longer. The social bookmarks can be coupled with this package to further give authority to the published articles. Weakness: Results can take longer than other backlink building strategies.  A 1/3 of the articles won’t last the full year.

Social Bookmarking

Strengths: The social bookmarking submission Upfront Consultants offers gives your website many backlinks. This package is the best when targeting hundreds or even thousands of different pages and keywords. These links are best used to index and get backlinks to all your subpages – whether you have a few dozen or several thousands. Weakness: These links don’t carry much weight so they won’t do much against tough competition.

Directory Submissions

Strengths: Directory submissions LAST!  They are the backbone of most SEO link building campaigns. It is the best method of slowly building permanent links to your website. Choose between our one time directory submission bundle or our monthly directory submission campaigns. Weakness: Directory submissions are the turtle of link building campaigns. These links are slow to come out and just as slow to get counted and indexed. Typically, it takes a month for most directory submissions to either accept or reject your submission. Acceptance rates vary per website and industry niche. (We take care of the directory submissions as well as the email verification process.)

Edu Links

Strengths: Many SEO professionals agree that search engines give the most authority to .edu links. Most of the links obtained from this package are acquired via methods such as blog commenting. The .edu blog post is actually read, and physically commented on. Each link is dofolow and has a unique and quality post to stand behind it. Some of our clients have admitted that when no other package seemed to work, the .edu links were exactly what they needed to push them ahead of competition. Weakness: As with the nature of blog comments, some of these links may get deleted fairly quickly. Still, the ones that stay up may become very valuable gems to your website. These links are not relevant. EDU Links are very hard to come by therefore they are quite expensive.
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