Our Services

At UpFront Consultants we offer a wide array of services for all types of Internet Marketing. From Online stores to better search engine placement we are your friendly one stop shop to for all things digital.

Web Design

We can develop an attractive and effective web site you or your business. From site creation to e-commerce, we design, develop and deploy your online face, and open the channels of interactive communication. We practice Design and usability founded on two simple ideas laid out by Albert Einstein.
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler
This statement has a corollary in the design concept of minimalism. “Minimalism” is simplicity in design, reducing a work to its most fundamental, essential aspects. We believe the minimalist presentation creates interest and draws the viewer into the subject matter. We seek to achieve minimalism in web design by understanding the client’s needs and requirements, collaborating with the client, and approaching the work as a creative process.

E-commerce Creation

Whether you’re a small business in need of a shopping cart package or a multinational corporation that requires an enterprise-wide commerce management system, we have the solution to suit your needs.


There are millions of small to medium sized businesses on the Internet and the majority of them don’t even have the most basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques in place to get traffic to their website. Studies have shown that 85% of all website traffic originates from the search engines, with the majority coming from a select few. If your company has an online presence but your site isn’t optimized, then you’re losing money to your competition every single day. Up Front Consulting can help your business increase natural rankings in the major search engines for the long term. Many companies think of SEO as an intangible expense, but with so many potential customers on the Internet, SEO is a tool that companies can’t afford not to use. There are literally thousands of customers searching for your business, product, or service. All you’ve got to do is help them find your website using an SEO campaign that works. Search Engine Optimization is the single most important factor of a website because it makes the content of your web pages more relevant, more attractive, and more easily read by search engines and their crawling and indexing software.


The building blocks for any successful information technology business is the correct choice of resources. At our Fashion Island office, we have expertise in database applications, data mining and web-based projects. Our in-house designers and developers use the latest technologies and our alliances with the largest software companies allow us to accompany the industry trends. The key to fast turnaround for clients is a flexible architecture, which streamlines the development process by giving the programmer a useful array of conventions within which unique, custom development can be accomplished without repetitive steps and redundant effort. We offer all kinds of solutions for development as no one technology is right for every technology based need. We prefer to use Ruby on Rails due to its agility and cost-efficiency, without sacrificing quality and creativity.
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