CFO Atinizian Meets with Armenian President Sarkisian

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Chief Financial Officer of Upfront Consultants Arthur Atinizian, met with President Sarkisian in Los Angeles last Sunday on Sept 25th during his three-day visit. President Sarkisian has mentioned in the past the importance of IT Development in Armenia. CFO Atinizian is looking to develop strong ties between the government of Armenia and Upfront Consultants Corp. Arthur has high hopes that Upfront will land a government bid that would greatly help the Information Technology growing pains of Armenia. President Serzh Sarkisian arrived in Los Angeles Saturday, after addressing the United Nations General Assembly Thursday and a celebration of the re-establishment of Armenia’s independence in New York. The first stop on Sarkisian’s LA stop was the Montebello Armenian Genocide Martyrs Monument, where he laid a wreath and planted a tree in memory of the Genocide victims. The president was accompanied by Western Primate Archbishop Hovan Derderian and Western Prelate Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian. Armenia’s Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian and Diaspora Minister Hranoush Hakopyan are also traveling with Sarkisian.

Sarkisian at the economic forum

On Sunday, Sarkisian attended the opening of an economic forum organized by the Central Bank of Armenia and Bank Association of Armenia. This event brought together representatives from the business community of Armenia and US state of California. In his address to forum participants, the President underscored the need to make full use of Armenian Diaspora’s potential, for the benefit of Armenia’s economic growth and strengthening of the Republic of Armenia. Sarkisian said that in the past 20 years, the full potential of the Armenia’s citizens was not used to the fullest to bolster economic growth. “We are the masters of our shortcomings and achievements alike,” said Sarkisian, who added that it the people’s potential were used to the fullest, “we could have had more achievements.” Sarkisian also thanked the Diaspora business community for their efforts in the last 20 years to strengthen Armenia’s economy. “I am hopeful that, with combined efforts and in the foreseeable future, we will have a country which we will all be proud of,” said Sarkisian. After the business forum, Sarkisian and his delegation attended Mass at the St. Leon Cathedral and Diocesan headquarters in Burbank. At a reception after the religious services, Sarkisian met with representatives of the Executive Council of the Diocese and benefactors.

Sarkisian speaks at the Consulate opening

Later on Sunday afternoon, Sarkisian attended the opening ceremonies of the Armenia’s new Consulate General in Los Angeles on Central Avenue in Glendale. Armenia’s Consul General to Los Angeles, Grigor Hovhannisyan was joined by Foreign Minister Nalbandian in cutting the ribbon and inviting the guests in the new consulate facility. “The homeland is eternal, and this very building is the link connecting you to the homeland. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I would like to express thanks to the United States, which during the most difficult times for our people, allowed our compatriots the opportunity to enter the United States, to live in dignity, to develop, to integrate within society of this powerful country, and to make their historical homeland known. We are proud of you, and we will do everything so you could be proud of us,” said Sarkisian.

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