How to Remove Bad Google Reviews

Posted on Jul 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

There are several ways you can combat bad reviews


1) Push Down The Bad Review

Google will only show five or six reviews on the first page of any local Business Listing. If you will generate five or six positive reviews, it will move the bad review to your second or third page. Most people will not necessarily look that far inside your listing before making a decision. But, and this is a big “BUT, ” if you happen to ask for too many reviews that are positive too quickly, Google will push your company listing down in their own rankings. When Google sees several reviews in a short time of time, it sparks a spam reaction. Spread your positive reviews out over 2 or 3 days or a couple associated with weeks. Be patient.

2) Apologize to the Individual and Make Reparations (if possible).

You ought to be willing to apologize for a mistake and make things right with the person who posted the bad review. And the only way you’re going to achieve that is to listen on their concern, apologize where appropriate and provide a reasonable solution. If you handle yourself properly, you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to get a poor review removed. If you don’t handle yourself correctly, you’re going to make a bad situation worse. Before you decide to initiate contact, put yourself inside mindset of a issue solver. You’re goal is always to make the reviewer feel better about you and your company without making them feel bad about posting their review. Here’s what you need to do.
  1. Contact the one who posted the review and tell them that you saw their review on Google and you want to find out what happened and make things right.
  2. Play their complaint until they’re complete talking.
  3. Paraphrase precisely what they said and apologize for what went wrong.several. Let them know the amount of you appreciate them bringing their concern for a attention and ask because of their suggestion on you skill make things right.
  4. Keep going on their suggestion before you decide to move onto step 6-8.
  5. Ask them if they would be willing to help edit or remove their own review.

3)Flag The Review!

Is a review inappropriate according to Google? Read their rules and regulations about reviews and see if this review violates their rules. If it will do, you can click the “Flag as inappropriate” switch. If it does violate Google’s rules, they will remove the idea. This takes time, so to wait and be persistent.

4)Mark it as Not Useful.

Under each review, Google asks, “Is This Review Helpful (Yes / No). ” Google do not remove the review when enough people say, “No, ” but if 10 using 10 people indicate the review was not helpful, many of your readers will discount the review and basically pay no attention to it. Ask your customers and friends to rate poor reviews as not helpful.

5) Respond Publicly as Owner.

Google will allow you to respond directly to reviews posted on your listing just like any other directory. For example, in the event you get a bad review on Insiderpages or TripAdvisor, you have ability to respond to the bad review directly. You can respond in anger. You may respond by making an excuse. You might also respond with an apology and a solution.

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