What SEO Means to Your Business

Posted on Jul 26, 2012 in SEO

And if I leave a breadcrumb will a spider find it?

So you’ve got a really unique product, exceptional customer service, a clever newsletter sent out monthly, and a blog that’s timely and smart … but no traffic to your site.  These days it’s pretty easy to set up a website and register a domain – my then-middle schooler designed one several years ago.  There are lots of templates and tips, and anyone who’s willing to play around a bit can be up and running in an afternoon.  Then what?  Put your feet up and wait for people to come flocking?

SEO is Key

If you actually want to grow your client base, and sell more – products or services – you need to think not only about how the site is designed overall, but about how each element works with the next to generate interest and capture traffic.  The internet is a far cry from the linear Dewey Decimal System and information needs to be strategically presented to ensure that it shows up first – and often – when folks are looking.  That’s where SEO in Irvine CA becomes KEY! Search engine optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Optimizers (also SEOs) can be difference between brilliance and broke; seen and unseen; and first and last!    SEO – and it’s not SEO optimization – is a conglomeration of techniques and buzzwords – like outbound links and meta keywords and trackbacks and breadcrumbs — designed to help search engines find and rank your site higher than the myriad of other sites out there.  It’s a constant, fluid process that can’t be measured overnight, but rather over the long haul.


For  example, let’s say that you were to go to Google, or any other search engine, and type in “fish-patterned dog collars.”   The search engine uses an algorithm – or complex formula – to determine which sites it’s going to display and in what order.  The algorithm is never spelled out exactly, but good SEOs, and smart business owners, know that it looks for specific code, keywords, tags, and descriptions, and plugs them in to determine what shows up on page one (of 563,000 results in this case), and what’s relegated to page 25.  So of course you assume that if it’s near the top of the list, it’s going to have specifically what you searched for – and sometimes it does .  But in reality, it’s mostly about how well someone understood the way that searches work and subsequently, how well they designed the content to take advantage of that.  Think of it from another angle.  How often have you queried, clicked on the first link, and found that it didn’t even have the content that you were interested in (like just now, in the case of this dog collar)?  It happens … but once you’re at that site  that doesn’t have the thing you were looking for, you dig around a bit … and they have you!  A lot of logic, a bit of creativity, and a smidge of craftiness.

Take the Path to Success

The right SEOs can define the buzzwords and apply the techniques as they’ll best work for you, and ultimately get you to the top of the list.  After that, you can rely on your awesome product, outstanding communication, and superior services to keep clients and customers happy.  Why do it alone! Contact Us today for information on how to get started.

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