Why You Need a Sitemap

Posted on Jul 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Think of Google as millions of spiders crawling the internet with their only means of movement is through hyperlinks from one web page or one website to another.  These links are the way in which Google, as well as most other search engines, identifies you and indexes you. These links are one of the reasons why, early on, it is so important to have relevant sites link to you.  It helps Google identify and crawl you quicker.  Until then it doesn’t know that you exist. However, having Google recognize your homepage is only half the battle.  Ideally you want Google to thoroughly crawl your entire website.  In most cases you will have a link on your homepage to your “Contact” page or your “About Us” page, but what about those pages that are deeper into your site, that might not have any direct links to it from your homepage.   These pages need to be indexed as well but there is no clear pathway for the “Spiders” to crawl. This is why Sitemaps are so important.  They give the crawlers instant access to all of your pages. People often as us how to improve SEO on WordPress?  Luckily there is a simple plugin to allow you to do this automatically and in the format that Google desires.  For WordPress, “Google XML Sitemaps“, is one of the best options. First: Set up your Google Webmaster Tools account   Second: Install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin This way, each time you create a new content page, Google will index it almost immediately and people will be able to find you.

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